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Category :
  • Television & Commercial
Date Sent : February 17th, 2014
Open to : Female
ADULT (17+)
CHILDREN (16 and younger)
Job City : Vineland
Job Country : United States
Expires : Never
Pay Currency : USD
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"Time of Our Lives" Casting Call

Time of Our Lives

Production Details
Casting "Time of Our Lives," a web series that centers around a group of teenage friends trying to get through the trials and tribulations of friendship, family, love, and school. Casting director states: "Similar to "Boy Meets World" and "Degrassi," the show takes place in the fictional town of Oakcrest, NJ. These aren't teenagers with superpowers or double lives; they're ordinary teens with realistic situations, making them relatable."

Rehearsal & Production Details
Shoots tentatively in the summer in South Jersey.

No pay. Meals will be provided on set. This is a great chance for exposure and experience. The show will be a web series. I am looking into pitching the show to local channels.


Amanda "Mandy" Anderson (Lead)
Female, ages 16-21, Caucasian, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race. a sweet, quirky girl who is alway s involved in school and the community, kind-hearted, intelligent, and friendly but shy at the same time, very nurturing and cares for her friends and is willing to defend them by all means, an overachiever and likes to make it known, which sometimes becomes annoying to others, the brains in her group of friends and extremely nurturing, has big dreams of getting into an Ivy League college but due to her family's financial standing she must work extra hard academically, she works as a waitress at the local teen hangout, since they were 3 years old, Whitney and Aaron have been her best friends, is Aaron's romantic interest.
Note: Must look like a high school student.

Aaron Dawson (Lead)
Male, ages 16-21, Caucasian. An average all around nice guy, selfless and always puts his friends and family before his needs, generous, sensitive, and understanding, been best friends with Whitney and Mandy since they were in pre-school, geeky and dorky, yet that's what makes him lovable. He's had a crush on Mandy ever since he moved! in next door when they were three. He will do anything to get her to go out with him, doesn't like conflict and is always willing to find a way to put an end to it, when a situation breaks out with his friends or family, he's usually the one trying to calm everyone down and bring peace, his love for musical theatre is frowned upon by his father who wishes he was more like Joey, is always trying to impress his dad. Note: Must look like a high school student.

Joey Morelli (Lead)
Male, ages 16-21, Caucasian, Hispanic. Aaron's cousin.Arrogant, cocky, and good-looking and he knows it. Laid-back and a slacker, could care less about school. Has a thrill for danger and mischief, been arrested for breaking, stealing, vandalism, and other misdemeanors numerous times. Might not care much about a girl's heart but he does have a passion for the game. His rebellious attitude can be traced back to his past, his parents died when he was eleven, ever since then, Joey and his br other have been living with their foster mom. They're constantly moving because Joey always gets expelled from different schools. He's been through so much which causes him to act out, has a thing for Whitney, but until she comes around, he doesn't mind playing the field with other girls. He hops from girl to girl but never makes a commitment. Note: Must be able to portray a New York accent. The character is obsessed with his hair. It would be a major plus if you resembled Avan Jogia. Must look like a high school student.

Tyler Morelli (Lead)
Male, ages 16-21, Caucasian, Hispanic, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race. Joey's older brother who tries his best to keep his brother out of trouble, was 12 when their parents died and ever since then, he fought to make sure that his brother got everything to be happy, is effortlessly cool, a chill, yet smart guy who, like the ladies, is in love with his looks, knowing that their foster mother doesn't care about them, Tyler works his butt off trying to support Joey, tries his best to make su! re that Joey grows up to be somebody but it's hard when Joey is a pretty reckless kid, after high school, Tyler plans on going to school nearby so he won't have to leave Joey behind.
Note: Must look like a high school student.

Chase Anderson (Lead)
Male, ages 17-21, Caucasian, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race. Mandy and Vanessa's older brother, a sports loving, girl crazy, senior who rarely pays attention to his grades, even though he's graduating, a cool guy who gets along with basically everyone, like Vanessa, he wants to fit in with the popular kids, especially the jocks, in his own way, Chase is actually quite popular, constantly going out with girls and is good looking, a goof off and likes to have a good time, his parents expect him to take on the role of the older sibling and be mature, Chase on the other hand prefers to just go with the flow, like any big brother, he's always picking on his sisters but always there to protect them, Tyler and Chase a re always competing against each other to see who's better, it's all in good fun though.
Note: Must look like a high school student.

Vanessa Anderson (Lead)
Female, ages 14-21, Caucasian, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race. Mandy and Chase's younger and boy crazy sister, longs to be part of the in crowd and sometimes finds herself doing stupid things just to be accepted, she's defiant of her sister Mandy who she finds to be a kiss-up, hates the fact that her parents are so overprotective, rebels against everything her parents say, wants to prove to them that she's not a little girl anymore, even though she is a freshman, a free spirited wild child who loves to dance, been trained in hip hop since she was six and also plays softball.
Note: Must look like a high school student.

Rosie Cruz (Supporting)
Female, ages 14-21, African American, Hispanic, Asian, East Indian, Native American, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mi xed Race. Vanessa's quirky and loyal best friend, has a major crush o! n Chase and is always plotting a way to get close to him, awkward and always there for Vanessa when she needs her the most.
Note: Must look like a high school student.
Chloe Burke (Supporting)

Female, ages 14-21, African American, Hispanic. Vanessa and Rosie's enemy since the sixth grade when she told everyone that Vanessa stuffed her bra, they're always competing against each other and Chloe loves to torture Vanessa by coming out on top, before the sixth grade, they were best friends; until Chloe blossomed into a curvaceous bombshell and Vanessa still looked like a boy, pretty and popular, a total boy magnet, looks up to Whitney and hopes to one day follow in her footsteps.
Note: Must look like a high school student.

Ryan Smith (Supporting)
Male, ages 14-21, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race. The cute boy all of the freshman girls drool over, is Vanessa, Rosie, and Chloe's crush, he's part of the popular crowd an d can normally be seen hanging out with Chloe and her clique, as well as the jocks, friendly and very popular with the upperclassmen, invited to almost every party.
Note: Must look like a high school student.

Kevin Goldsberg (Supporting)
Male, ages 16-21, Caucasian, Asian. rather intelligent and quite demanding, always being picked on and bullied, has a fascination with Mandy much to Aaron's dismay, actually, he has a fascination with with a lot of girls who wouldn't give him the time of day, freshman year, he made a bet with Mandy that he would become valedictorian and the two have been competing for the highest GPA since freshman year. Note: Must look like a high school student.

Susan Anderson (Supporting)
Female, ages 30-55, Caucasian, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race. Mandy, Chase, and Vanessa's good-natured and nourishing mom, can be a bit protective and wishes her children wouldn't grow up so fast.

John Anderson (Supporting)
Male, 30-55, Caucasian
Mandy, Chase, and Vanessa's dad, kind of g! oofy and corny, tries to understand his kids and help them out the best he can.

Paula Dawson (Supporting)
Female, ages 30-55, Caucasian, Hispanic, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race. Aaron's mother, very kind and generous, very soft spoken and kind.

Frank Dawson (Supporting)
Male, 30-55, Caucasian. Aaron's father. He wishes his son would be more like Joey & Tyler. When they are around, Frank would prefer hanging out with them than his own son.

Lisette Monroe (Supporting)
Female, ages 24-50, African American. Whitney's fashion forward mother, owns Sheer Elegance, a fashion line and boutique in New York, a single mother but doesn't let that stop her, tries her best to make her daughter realize that she's not always going to have a silver spoon in her mouth, tries to instill work ethics into Whitney.

Debbie Lowes (Supporting)
Female, ages 40-55, All Ethnicities. Joey and Tyler's foster mom, tends to favor Tyler more than Joe y, very obnoxious and sloppy, could care less about Joey and it shows through verbal abuse.

Dr. Carter (Supporting)
Male, ages 40-64, All Ethnicities. Principal of Oakcrest Prep, very proper and intelligent, isn't mean, but he is not well liked among the students, has very low tolerance for nonsense.

Mr. Gallagher (Supporting)
Male, ages 25-38, All Ethnicities. the popular English teacher, sarcastic and witty, says he hates his job and he's not being paid enough to teach bratty teenagers, but he clearly loves his students and pushes them to succeed, has a laid back teaching style and loves Starbucks, just graduated from NYU and teaching is his first real job.

Mr. Jackson (Supporting)
Male, ages 28-50, All Ethnicities. Joey's guidance counselor, tough and has a way of connecting with his students, knows and believes that Joey has potential to succeed and is normally the first one to defend him when he gets in trouble.

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