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Category :
  • Television & Commercial
Date Sent : May 24th, 2011
Open to : Female
ADULT (17+)
CHILDREN (16 and younger)
Job City : Los Angeles
Job Country : United States
Expires : June 21st, 2011
Pay Currency : USD
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Disney's New Show "Jessie" Casting Starring Roles

Casting Director is currently auditioning actors for series starring roles in the new family sitcom on Disney Channel, "Jessie", starring Debby Ryan.

Jessie, fresh out of small-town Texas, moves to New York City, determined to be a brilliant success - as soon as she figures out what she wants to do. On her first day in NYC, her purse gets stolen, and she gets hired to be the nanny for a high-powered couple. Their four multi-cultural adopted kids have sent a solid stream of nannies running for their lives. Will Jessie tame the kids? Or will her rambunctious new charges wind up driving her to distraction?


1.) MALE (35-45; Caucasian) - MORGAN. One of the parents that Jessie nannies for in New York City. He is a very well known writer and director of adventure films. He is constantly gone on location to various national and international places working. His personality is very intelligent and creative, yet he is a kid at heart with a great sense of humor, and a softie when it comes to enforcing rules to his adopted kids. He tends to be more of a playmate than father figure with his adopted kids and can get them into hot water sometimes. Then he must hide it all from his wife Pandora, and their nanny Jessie;

2.) FEMALE (30-40; Caucasian) - PANDORA. One of the parents that Jessie nannies for in New York City. She works as a internationally renowned photographer who is very selfish and has an overly serious personality. Definitely wears the pants in the family;

3.) FEMALE (11-13; Caucasian) - ANABEL. A type A personality, straight A student at school, and in denial about being socially awkward. She is always arguing with her brother Hiro, who is a slacker - the total opposite type of person to Anabel. She is very envious of Hiro's spontaneous popularity. Jessie ends up helping Anabel learn to enjoy life and become more easy going;

4.) MALE (11-13; Korean) - HIRO. A little smart ass who is very ill-behaved. He actually gets a kick out arguing with his sister Anabel, who is the complete opposite type of his personality. He also delights in putting their nannies through the wringer, that is until he meets beautiful Jessie with whom he becomes enamored with;

5.) FEMALE (5-7; African American) - ZURI. A cute and lovable little girl who discovers Jessie outside of their upscale New York apartment and asks her to become the nanny of her and her three other adopted siblings. She connects with Jessie immediately, but gets pretty upset when Jessie inquires about her imaginary friend;

6.) MALE (7-9; Hispanic) - JAVIER. Preferrably bilingual. Javier is a feisty kid who loves a good brawl, mortal video games, and Mexican wrestling, his one love from his adoptive Southern American homeland is his pet capybara, which his nanny Jessie originally thinks is a giant NY city rat. At first he is wary of Jessie, which is typical of him, but when she displays her video gaming skills, his opinion of her greatly improves;

7.) MALE (18-20; Italian American) - TONY. Handsome, muscular Jersey boy doorman at a very upscale New York City apartment building. Certainly not the smartest guy in town, but he likes Jessie right off the bat and is always ready to give her a helping hand when the nightmare adopted kids go AWOL;

8.) MALE (50-60; Caucasian) - BERTRAM. The besiege family butler. On the outside he acts as if he despises kids, and would like to be left to his standard butler duties. But in reality he deeply cares about the children's well-being and becomes Jessie's indisposed helper in caring for them

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