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Category :
  • Television & Commercial
Date Sent : January 15th, 2010
Open to : Female
ADULT (17+)
CHILDREN (16 and younger)
Job City : Miami
Job Country : United States
Expires : February 12th, 2010
Pay Currency : USD
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Casting African-American Talent For Sudan PSA

Talent agency is casting for a PSA and needs African-American looks to represent the people of Sudan, Africa. (IMPORTANT: Sudan is an impoverished country in Africa, plagued by hunger and war.)

Talent must have an African look and dark-skinned. They must NOT be overweight. This does not mean that they need to look sickly or starved, they just cannot be overweight. Height, weight proportionate to thin is what works.

Attire: Talent should cast wearing the simplest of clothing, no make-up or jewelry. Women in skirts, with a simple blouse or t-shirt, men in jeans or khakis with also a plain t-shirt. NO WHITE PLEASE! African attire ok, but not elegant, fancy.

SHOOT DATE: FEB 8-11, 2010


1.) FEMALE (18-35; African-American) - Not overweight to thin, appealing, expressive. She will play an expecting mother who gently rubs her belly as she worries about the future of her child. (No need to be pregnant, but visibly pregnant women welcome);

2.) MALE (20-45; African-American) - Not overweight to thin, expressive. Sits and looks worried about his future;

3.) 3 MALE CHILDREN/TWEENS (8-12; African-American) - Needs to book 3 boys 8-12 as described above;

4.) MALE CHILD/TWEEN (8-12; African-American) - Not overweight to thin, expressive. Able to show expressions of fear when he is startled by the sounds of bullets in his town;

5.) FEMALE CHILD/TWEEN (8-12; African-American) - Not overweight to thin, expressive. Expression range of worried to happy;

6.) MALE & FEMALE TEENS (14-17; African-American) - Not overweight to thin, expressive. Expression range of worried to happy

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