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Category :
  • Film & Movie
Date Sent : December 18th, 2009
Open to : Female
ADULT (17+)
CHILDREN (16 and younger)
Job City : New York
Job Country : United States
Expires : January 22nd, 2010
Pay Currency : USD
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"Untitled Carter Smith" Project Is Casting Young Adults

Casting Agency is looking for teen/young adult actors for the Untitled Carter Smith Project's On Camera Teaser Presentation. Non-Jurisdictional.

There is no pay for this project. Actors will receive copy of completed project. Shoots will be early-mid January 2010 in NYC.


MALE & FEMALE ACTORS (18 plus to play 17 HIGH SCHOOL; any ethnicity). Strong young actors with great improvisational skills to play suburban teens circa the 1970s. Actors must be comfortable with strong sexual content and look convincingly of the time period. Must have the ability to portray the range of adolescent emotions in the midst of an outbreak of a mysterious STD that only affects teenagers.

1.) MALE (18+; any ethnicity) - BRAD. The Hunky Jock. Charismatic and appealing. Sexually confident, bordering on cocky. He could have any girl he wants, and HAS had most of them. Likes to boast of his sexual conquests to his friends in graphic detail. Underneath the "show," there needs to be a vulnerability;

2.) FEMALE (18+; any ethnicity) - RHONDA. The Slutty Burnout. Never leaves the house without perfectly feathered hair and a full face of makeup. Loves Leonord Skynard almost as much as Jack Daniels. She has "the bug" and doesn't give a fuck who knows. She's likely to punch you in the face if you give her shit.
(Ideally, at the end of the interview, she shows us 'her bug' which involves a cluster of cold sore-like boils around her nipples). Some possible nudity required;

3.) MALE (18+; any ethnicity) - NED. The Art-Room Loner. Shy and sensitive, he's probably never even had sex with someone else. He's awkward but endearing. He has had a crush on "Melissa" since the fifth grade. He's on the outside of the "epidemic", looking in;

4.) FEMALE (18+; any ethnicity) - MELISSA. The Cheerleader. Pert and pretty, you'd never guess that when she lifts up her skirt she's got the beginning of a nasty tail sprouting from her ass. Hopelessly in love with her quarterback boyfriend, she has big dreams of them settling down and having a perfect little family. She prefers to pretend that "the bug" doesn't even exist;

5.) MALE (18+; any ethnicity) - ROCKY. The Burnout. Always stoned or tripping. Possibly "husky". He's a guy that loves to think he's above all the petty high school drama even though in reality, he's at the bottom of the social ladder. Doesn't have a girlfriend (and never has), but got 'the bug' from someone;

6.) FEMALE (18+; any ethnicity) - JEANIE. The Band Girl. Hopelessly awkward and shy. She's been playing the clarinet since fourth grade. Straight-A student. An active member of her church youth group. Most people would say she's 'never been kissed' - but there's SOMETHING strange going on under that huge bandage on her neck. Musicians a plus but not necessary

The production is ALSO SEEKING ACTORS WITH UNIQUE PHYSICAL ABNORMALITIES/DEFORMITIES (could range from severe skin conditions: acne, burns, Vitiligo (lacking pigmentation), Naevus Flammeus (aka port-wine-stain), Rosacea, etc, to missing limbs, Elephantitis, Ectrodactyly (Lobster Claw Syndrome) or any other a-typical physical characteristic)

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