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Category :
  • Modeling & Print
Date Sent : June 16th, 2007
Open to : Female
ADULT (17+)
CHILDREN (16 and younger)
Job City :
Job Country : Worldwide
Expires : June 25th, 2007
Pay Currency : USD
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Get Paid to Model for Skylar Magazine

I am searching for new faces for Skylar. I am now paying my models. Here is all the details. The pay may not be that much to start, but I am paying my models from my own pocket. You also get free exposure, copies of the magazine, tearsheets, and if you get to do any fashion or product modeling you get to keep anything I send you. So, there is also free clothes, jewelry, accessories and other products involved.


The models of Skylar are the most important part of the magazine. They are the ones who make the magazine look beautiful, and glamorous and appealing to our readers. Without them there really would be no magazine and there would be no one to model in the beautiful clothes and accessories.

As a model you will be able to model for the following departments: Fashion, Beauty, Health, Features, and Sex and Relationships. There is also a chance that you may get to model for some of our companies. The winner of our recent model search Ellen Mitchell not only got to grace our cover, she also got to be featured on VintageAmore.com on her intro page. I am always trying to get our companies to give our models a chance. So, you never know. We may also ask you to model in special ads, or possibly even brochures or flyers for special events. So, this really is a great opportunity for exposure.

It is easy. There is no travel involved you get to do everything from home and from your location. So, you do not have to worry about leaving your loved ones behind. We do have plans to travel to really cool places in the future, but for now you can do it from home.

You will need someone to take your pictures, and do your hair and makeup. You do not have to hire professionals. You can have friends and family do all of this for you, or you can have someone do TFP for you. As long as the pictures look professional and have no scratches and are printable that's really all that matters to me.

Some people choose to have their photos done professionally, but that is totally up to you and I will not be able to pay for the expenses. So, please do keep that in mind.

-How this works-

Once you have filled out your application and sent it back to me I will look it over along with your photos and decide if you have the look I am going for. If I feel you have the potential I will decide which level you will be put at and will start sending you assignments based on your level and availability. The assignments will include instructions on how to do your hair, makeup, poses, the type of background and lighting you should use etc. It will also include deadlines for when the assignment needs to be turned in. I am a bit strict about deadlines. It is important that the pictures come back on time so that we don't get behind. I am pretty understanding about things and if you need an extension on something I can make arrangements. I do ask that you try not to ask for too many of them though.

If you get to do any fashion or product modeling I will send whatever needs to be modeled to you and you get to keep whatever I send just as long as it gets modeled. I have to pay for most of the stuff I send to the models and when it doesn't get modeled I consider it stealing and it can be very frustrating! I sometimes spend over $100 or more clothing so I ask that my models respect this. So, there is free clothes and accessories as well as other products involved with this.

Once you have finished taking your photos you will need to submit them to me through email.

That's it. Pretty simple!

-Other things to Know-

I send out a newsletter to my models quite often so I can keep them up to date. They come out at least once a week or more depending on what is going on. The newsletter includes info and updates on what's going on with Skylar, assignments for all of the models (sometimes they are mandatory other times they are optional), and other fun stuff.

I send out Pose Guides to my models as well. The pose guides include pictures of models posing and they are to be used as practice. My models take pictures of them practicing these poses and send them to me mostly on Sunday's and I critique them. This is a great way for them to improve and grow as models. They are a lot of fun. If I really like a picture I might even consider using them in the magazine somewhere. They are mandatory. However, if I feel you are doing well enough I won't make you do them. If you are someone who is struggling and I feel you need to practice more you will have to do them. It could be an amateur model, or an advanced model, regardless of experience I feel there is always room for improvement.

I have a strikes system. If I feel you are not doing as well as you should be (for example you continuously miss deadlines, don't get involved enough, don't respond to important emails, get an attitude) I will give
strikes. 1 strike is a warning, 2 is suspension, 3 is borderline termination, 4 is termination, but you do have a chance to come back on the staff if you promise to do better, but if I do let you come back and you mess up once you will earn the 5th strike and that means termination for good and you will no longer be allowed back.

I also send out evaluations. I try to do it as often as possible. The evaluations will let you know how you are doing, what you need to work on, your rating, etc. Sometimes they may sound harsh, but it is meant to be taken as constructive criticism and a guide to help models improve.

-Getting Paid-

It may not be a lot to start, but its better than where we were a few days ago which was at nothing. Models will be paid based on their level, and also the assignment and how well the assignment is done. If you do a really awesome job on your assignments then you will earn more.

You can earn up to $50.00, maybe a little more depending per season. I will let you know how much you are earning throughout the season so you can keep track.


Amateur- These are the people who are just starting out, not much experience, still learning etc. If you are at this level you will be volunteer based and will need to work your way up in order to start earning pay.

Some Experience- This is the next level up. You are a little more advanced, and will receive occasional pay depending on the assignment. It will still be more volunteer stuff though.

Experienced- You are working your way up and will start earning more pay. These people will also get more opportunities.

Very Experienced- This is one of our higher levels and you will definitely get paid more.

Advanced- You are almost to the top and will be one of the higher paid models.

Top Model- These are our "Supermodels" our top models. The one's who are the most advanced and whom will get the most pay.

When you become a model for Skylar I will place you at the level where I feel you have the most potential. I may start you out as amateur until I am able to get to know you better, but there will be times when I will put you at the other levels. It will be very rare for me to start someone at Advanced or Top Model levels. You will most likely need to work your way up.

For those of you who are returning models I will let you know what level you are at this weekend.

-How Much Will You Make-

Models will make anywhere between $3.00-$50.00 or more depending on the assignment given to you. It will depend on the assignment. If it is a big assignment obviously you will earn more, if it is a smaller assignment you won't make as much, however, the smaller assignments aren't necessarily a bad thing. The more experience you get the better chance you have of moving up.

If I give you an assignment where you are required to send me 10 photos and you send me extra I will add on to your pay. So, say I ask you to do a beauty shoot and ask for 10 different beauty shots I would pay you $5.00 (this is just an example), but if you send me extra I will add on to it and it will depend on how many you send. You will have a limit though to how much you can send me per season. Obviously I'm not going to let you send me 100 pictures per season or I will go broke. Again the amount of pictures I will need from you will depend on your level and the assignment itself.

If I absolutely need more photos from you than what I ask I will let you know and I will add the pay to it as well.

It will also depend on how well you do on the assignment. If I feel you deserve more pay I will give it to you.

If you get to do anything involving fashion, or other products and I send you stuff to model in I will still pay you, but you won't get as much since you will be getting free clothes and stuff.

Occasionally I will also reward you with gifts and anyone from any level can receive gifts.

So, I can't really say exactly how much you will make per season, but I will let you know throughout the season how much you have earned. I will let you know what you make when you send me your assignments.

If you are at amateur or some experience levels and I feel you did a really great job on an assignment I may decide to give you some pay.

-Free Copies and Tearsheets-

I am also offering free copies of the magazine and free tearsheets. You can get 1 free copy per issue if you want extra you will need to pay for them and now that I am going to be paying you, you will have to pay for shipping. I will still give you a discount though:) Also it may take a while for you to get these things also. I have to take care of my paying customers first and we do get backed up. You are not allowed to complain about how long you have to wait for this. That is one of my rules:) I will do my best to get these to you asap though.

-When Will you Get Paid?-

I will pay all the models (who work for a particular season) at the end of each season. So, if you are modeling for the Spring-Summer issue you will get paid at the end of that season. Obviously you won't get paid if you don't model for that issue. I will let you know your status throughout the season and let you know how much you have earned. By the end of the season please know it might take a while for me to get everyone's checks out to them. Please be patient I am paying you from my own pocket right now and I get paid every other week so it may be a few months or so until everyone gets paid, but you will get paid. I can either pay you buy check through mail, or I can pay you through Pay Pal if you have an account. When the time comes I will find out how you want to be paid.


I have some very strict rules on this. It is important that you follow the rules otherwise you will not get paid. These rules also apply to free copies of the magazine and tearsheet's. If you do not follow the rules you won't get those either.

1. If you have any assignments that you have not turned in, or that are late you will not get paid. So, if I give you 3 assignments I expect you to complete all 3 of them, if you don't do all 3 you will not get paid. So, even if you just do 2 out of the 3 that won't work. You have to do all of your assignments.
2. If you have any strikes you also may not get paid. If you only have 1 I will deduct from your pay.
3. I am now making it mandatory that all models do the pose guides on a weekly basis. Occasionally there will be no pose guides, and I will let you know. Pose guides are important it will help me determine what level to put you at. So, you will need to do them. If you do not do the pose guides and I did not give you permission not to do them you will not get paid at the end of the season. This is part of the job and I expect you to follow through on everything.
4. There are also times when I send out mandatory assignments. This is a good opportunity for all the models and could mean more exposure for you and possible extra pay. If it involves taking pictures I may end up liking them and may want to include them in an issue. If you choose not to do the mandatory assignments you will also not get paid. It might just be a survey, or it could be taking pictures either way you must do them both. If you do not do them it tells me that you really don't care and if you can't take the time to do a simple assignment I'm not going to give you the bigger ones.
5. If I send you stuff to model such as clothes, makeup etc and you do not model them you will not only not get paid, you will have to pay me back for the money I spend on these things, and you will no longer be a model for Skylar. This is automatic termination to anyone who does this. I consider it stealing. You get to keep what you model in, but you must model everything I send it. You also may not just model part of what I send you, you have to model everything!
6. I will send you instructions with your assignments. If you do not follow them and do not send me what I ask for I won't be able to print your photos and you will also not get paid.
7. If I feel you are not putting the time and effort into your assignments you will also not get paid.
8. If you get an attitude or complain and are rude you will obviously not get paid and you will probably be terminated. If you don't like the clothes I send you I'm sorry, at least you didn't have to pay for them. So, please be respectful and do not complain.
9. If you volunteer to help with something, you must follow through on it.
10. You will not get paid for pose guides or for all the mandatory assignments unless I really feel you did an exceptional job and I decide to use your photos. If the mandatory assignment involves taking photos that I plan to use in the magazine and I choose to use your photos then I will pay you.

Those are all the rules for now. New rules could be added at anytime!

Something else all of you should know is you can move up in levels at anytime and you can also go down in levels. Your goal should be to go up not go down.


I will be evaluating all of you a lot more now. I'm going to try to do this weekly or every other week. I'm going to try to do this as often as possible. So, be looking for them. It is required that all staff responds to any email, newsletter, or evaluation I send. So, don't forget to do that.


Communication is very important. Please email me as often as possible to let me know how you are doing, what you are working on, any questions or concerns you might have and just to say hello once in a while. It helps more than you know!

-No Excuses-

The only excuses I will accept for any missing assignments are:

Loss of a loved one
Serious illness or injury
Or anything that is serious for that matter

Excuses that will not work:

A cold or the flu, models work through these things
Too much homework
I'm too tired
I forgot
Working too much
Not enough sleep too tired
I had to go out this weekend with my friends
and any other excuse for that matter.

This is a job. Think about what would happen if you were working out in the community and what you think your boss would say if you said you couldn't come to work because you were too tired? Do you think they would accept it? I won't either. Sorry.

If you are going out of town you need to let me know in advance that way I can make arrangements and I won't count your assignments as late. If you go out of town and you have an assignment due and don't turn it in and don't tell me you are going out of town I will consider it late. If you are able to do your assignment while you are on vacation feel free.

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