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Category :
  • Film & Movie
Date Sent : October 20th, 2011
Open to : Female
ADULT (17+)
CHILDREN (16 and younger)
Job City : Tampa
Job Country : United States
Expires : November 17th, 2011
Pay Currency : USD
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Arab-American Actors For Film "Vanguard"

Production company is currently casting lead and supporting roles (SAG and non-SAG) for Arab-American actors for the upcoming short film, "Vanguard".

Shoot dates are scheduled December 2nd-December 6th.

Compensation: copy, credit, and meal provided. Deferred compensation will be provided for SAG actors in accordance with the SAG Short Film Agreement.

"Vanguard" is a short action film set and filmed in Tampa, FL. Inspired by true events, Vanguard centers around Jamal A-Ghazi, a CIA agent and American Muslim in a post 9/11 America. Jamal is deeply patriotic and a family man. He balances service to his country with devotion to his wife and two sons. But when a CIA cover station is violently wiped out by a mysterious gunman, Jamal will be forced to make a choice between his own code of ethics and his thirst for revenge.


1.) MALE (30's; Arab American) - JAMAL. Jamal is a Muslim-American CIA Field Agent. Jamal is both deeply committed to his faith and his country, and does not see a contradiction between the two. Jamal lives a quiet life in Northern Virginia with his wife and two sons, largely shielding them from the dangers of his job. Jamal is the protagonist and lead character. Ability to speak Arabic required;

2.) MALE (30's; Arab American) - RAJI. Hardened look. Raji is a Pakistani-American Gunman. He is deeply religious and his faith has led him to the opposite conclusion of Jamal. He was military trained but his experiences have turned him against his country. Believes that what he is doing is just. Ability to speak Arabic preferred;

3.) MALE (late 40's-early 50's; Arab American) - SHARIF. Runs a Middle Eastern market that is also acts as a meeting ground for Raji and the other gunmen. Ability to speak Arabic required;

4.) MALES (18+; Arab American) - WORKERS. Smaller speaking roles as gunmen in the Middle Eastern market. Ability to speak Arabic preferred

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