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Simona Fusco

Advice From Top Model and Actress Simona Fusco Stratten

From her beginnings as a successful teen model in Europe – Lacoste being her first job – Simona Fusco Stratten is now referred to as "The most spectacular looking blonde since Marilyn Monroe". If that were not enough to have every fashion house and casting agent at her door, Simona's resume reads like a rise to the A-list.

Appearing in Maxim Magazine, as well as many high-end campaigns, including Ferrari, Hawaiian Tropics, Fendi and Guess? Simona also stars in the hit HBO show Entourage.


Simona Fusco

Simona Fusco Stratten: What It Takes To Be A Hot Model

About The Author

New Faces recently sat down with the blonde bombshell star of the film Beerfest, and Maxim model to get her take and advice about the modeling and acting industry.

New Faces: Tell us about how you got started in modeling and acting, including the leading part in Oliver Stone's Lolita that you turned down at the age of 14?

Simona Fusco Stratten: I started modeling at the age of 10 for Lacoste in Europe. I always knew that I wanted to become an actress and it only grew when people such as Oliver Stone approached me when I was 15.

New Faces: You grew up in Italy and Austria, later moving to Hollywood, do you think it was essential for your career to make that move or could you have achieved success at home?

Simona Fusco Stratten: There are lots of opportunities no matter where you are – especially with a site like New Faces that allows you to sign up all around the world and connect with agents. Even now, I still do magazine interviews, shoots and TV show appearances back home in Europe.

New Faces: You have been involved with countless big-name modeling campaigns, including Coca-Cola, BMW, Ferrari, Guess? And Fendi for Vogue Magazine. Did you always aspire to be a model, and are you still excited when you see yourself in print?

Simona Fusco Stratten: I never aspired to be a model. Of course I still get excited when I see myself in print, commercials or movies. Watching your performance is also good for improving your skills.

New Faces: Adding to your accolades, you were one of the finalists in WWE's "Raw Diva Search", airing on Spike TV, tell us what that experience was like and what you learned from it?

Simona Fusco Stratten: WWE was great for getting rid of performance anxiety. Imagine being in front of a huge live audience as well as having hundreds of thousands of viewers. Not much room for error!

Simona Fusco

New Faces: You recently starred in the Warner Bros. comedy "Beerfest" about two brothers traveling to Germany for Oktoberfest. Did you enjoy the role and what aspects of the character, if any, would you say reflected your own personality?

Simona Fusco Stratten: Beerfest was one of the funniest movies I have done! Broken lizards...what else do I have to say! They are incredibly talented and hilarious. Which aspects of my character reflected my personality....all of it, I am Ulsa!

New Faces: In addition to your film career, you can be seen in the hit HBO series Entourage – which New Faces casts for – what made you want to appear on the series and having done both film and television do you prefer one over the other?

Simona Fusco Stratten: I am a big fan of Entourage. It also completely reflects the lifestyle of an actor living in Los Angeles. Do I prefer TV to movies or vice versa? I love both as long as the project interests me and awakens my spirit inside.

New Faces: What advice would you give to aspiring models and actors?

Simona Fusco Stratten: To follow your role models and do the genres you love, especially at first! My role model is Goldie Hawn. I love comedy and view myself as a comedic actress.

New Faces: What advice would you give regarding all the attention that successful models and actors get and how do you deal with all the attention?

Simona Fusco Stratten: To be honest I don't notice it that much. Never enough attention I guess!

New Faces: What projects are you currently working on, and can you tell us a bit about them?

Simona Fusco Stratten: I am currently working on two other projects. One of them is a comedy and the other a horror movie. I want to try going to the other extreme!

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