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Jessica Crane

Advice From Rising Actress and Model Jessica Smith

A rising Australian actress and model, Jessica had two feature film offers waiting for her when she chose an action hero role instead. See what Jessica has to say about the industry and how New Faces has helped.


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How to Juggle an Acting and Modeling Career

New Faces: How did you come across New Faces and what made you want to sign up?

I came across the New Faces website and being from Australia I wanted to tap into an international market and did not want to limit myself just to Sydney. I joined because I don't expect casting agents to find me in the masses I wanted to find them and that I'm what people need. I saw the castings available and the quality of my portfolio page and wanted to be part of that!

New Faces: What kind of success have you found from being on New Faces?

Being associated with New Faces, I have had two featrure film offers, one for a lead role and one for a supporting role. People think I am crazy but I knocked back both of these and a magazine shoot to work on my own projects and many others. I am currently working with a producer to put forward a concept of a new action woman because females don't stay in this genre and the market is non-existent in Australia.

New Faces: What advice do you have for other aspiring models and actors?

My advice to other people is that being in this industry is just a business like anything else and is one of the hardest to get into. It's not all glamour and walking into an agency and your an instant movie star, it's just hard work like anything else. Persistence pays, have your own ideas, know what you want, go out and find castings, source your own work and make your own ideas happen. Don't aim to be famous just aim to enjoy what you're doing. My advice is there is nothing to lose by taking a chance and investing in a quality site like New Faces.

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