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  • Avoid solid whites, very bright colors, and busy patterns.

  • Jeans are a gamble. Wear them only if they are clean and if they are appropriate for the role. Some casting directors don't like jeans and others don't mind. You have to decide if you are willing to take that chance with your first impression.

  • Wear nice, clean, casual clothes in solid pastels or neutral colors. The should be comfortable enough to allow you to move without feeling constrained. The fit and colors should flatter your skin and body.

  • Dressing for the part is risky, you may end up looking out of place. Ask your agent if the client specified what they want you to wear. If you are auditioning for the part of a doctor, wear something loose and casual. If you are auditioning for a sexy character/role, wear something classy that flatters your figure. If you do not feel comfortable in the clothing, it will show.

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