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Do you think your child is cut out for acting? You child's behavior and personality should give you an idea of his potential acting ability. Most parents can recognize, just by looking at their children, whether or not they possess the qualities and disposition necessary for the industry.

If you think your child might be a good actor, but you aren't sure if he has the requirements, here is a list of questions that will help you sort it out.

  1. Is your child (A) outgoing and animated; or (B) quiet and shy?

  2. Does he (A) say hello to someone when he's introduced; or (B) become distracted by things in his environment and not realize that someone is speaking to him?

  3. Does he (A) love to sing and dance for you; or (B) think stuff like singing and dancing is stupid?

  4. Does he (A) imitate what he sees on TV; or (B)forget what he watching five minutes ago?

  5. Does he (A) respond when he's asked his name or age by someone he doesn't know; or (B) shrug his shoulders as if he no longer remembers what language he speaks?

If you answered "A" to these questions, that's terrific! Most would-be child actors are little hams by nature, willing to show off at every opportunity. Your child's ability to meet new people easily and to show off for them will be one of the most important factors in his career. We have to remember, nonetheless, that as responsible parents, we raise our children not to talk to strangers and the world of show business is contrary to this upbringing by 180 degrees.

We therefore advise you to have continuing discussions with your child in this topic, especially after his career is launched. Make sure he knows the difference between meeting an unfamiliar casting person or working with a cast and crew of strangers, and speaking to strangers outside of these industry-type situations. The rules you teach him about talking to or going with strangers should remain the same as if he were not in the industry. You may even discover he likes the idea.

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