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Below are the average fees you can expect to pay as a professional actor:

Acting Agent Commission Fees:

Principal Agents represent you if you're an actor accustomed to getting speaking roles. They charge commission on your gross earnings: 15% for film and television work; 10% for live theater. Principal agents may ask you to cover small costs like courier fees (such fees should not add up to more than $20 a month.) Principal agents do not charge registration fees.

Background Agents represent people who work as extras. They charge a 15% commission on your gross earnings and if you are not an ACTRA or SAG mamber, they may charge a $15-$75 registration fee.

The Cost of Actors Materials:

Actor Headshot Photos (three rolls, black & white) --- $150-$250 US
NOTE: You agent may advise you to do up to three looks (ex. seroius/drama, commercial, fun/goofy) for different roles.

A good actor's headshot should be smiling, soft and approachable.

Photo Reproductions (for one hundred 8x10 glossies) --- $80-$100 US
We recommend getting your photos on CD and having them printed through New Faces™ for cheaper rates. You should negotiate getting your images on CD before the shoot. Get your headshots printed by New Faces™, click here for details.

Résumés --- provided free by agent

Classes --- per hour: $10-$15 US

Online Portfolio --- Free, or get better exposure by paying between $59 to $245 US
Sign up for a free portfolio or view prices for enhanced portfolios
Next to headshots, this is your most important expense. You will need a New Faces™ online portfolio in order to get agency representation and high-profile acting jobs that could change your career.
NOTE: Upgrading to an Elite Portfolio is recommended so that you can show more looks to casting agents, and to come up before all other member types in casting searches.

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