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New Faces® Modeling & Acting Advice


What appears to be easy from the viewpoint of the audience is the result of years of study, work, sacrifice and self-mastery.

Begin with trying to learn...

The Basics: movement and voice.
Acting Skills: monologue and scene work.
Character Exploration: clown, comedy and improvisation.
Specialty Skills: film, television and audition.

Ongoing training is essential to maintaining a healthy and growing acting career. Good coaching makes a world of difference.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Studio / Acting Classes:

  • What wil the course include?

  • What are the teachers credentials and qualifications?

  • What is the cost of the course? Are there any other costs? (ex. books, administration fees, etc.) What is the     studios/teachers refund policy?

  • How large is the class? Is there a maximum enrollment?

  • Will I be placed in a class suitable for my skills?

  • Can I audit the acting class before I sign up for it? or Is the teacher available to answer my questions?

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