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Personal Introduction

"You guys work magic! It was incredible to experience a side of myself I had long forgotten, and wasn't sure existed anymore. Your work is amazing. It is a true gift to work with you. I look forward to all future endeavors!" Misty

Began in the early 80's photographing aspiring models in Los Angeles area, helping them with their portfolios. Became well known for B&W work. Was diverted from true love for several years as a physician. Between our paid photo sessions with recording artists, we will be doing limited free test shoots.

Prefer use of full studio but will consider location work for follow-up shoot. A wide variety backdrops, props, wigs, costume jewelry available. Enjoy going for a variety of looks via make-up and hairstyle changes using a collection of feathers, jewels, ribbons, glitter, paints, etc.

Will be interested in helping you with your special projects, just discuss them with us. A husband and wife team with wife managing the laptop, holding reflectors, watching for tags, bra straps and so forth while husband uses the various cameras. We enjoy working with all models with no limitations based on the lack of experience as long as they demonstrate professional ethics - The ability to keep their word.

For models willing to travel to collaborate as a creative team member, we do offer the chance for extended shoots(2-3 days) which would help maximize the return on images for their investment of time and travel expenses. We have found that distance is only relative to each individual model depending on the value they place on getting great images.

** As photographers, we are interested in all genres. As we allow the model to participate in the planning of the shoot, they have the decision of the genre they want or need for their portfolio, as well as, the decision on the amount of editing/finishing done on their images. Our portfolio contains more head shots and artistic makeup as this is what the recent models have been requesting. If you want something different, just let us know! ** Note**

Policies in regards to models:

* Photo IDs of model and escort will be required and copied as the result of recent theft of personal property by escort.

* Refundable deposit may be required for scheduling of TF shoot. (As greater than 50% of models scheduled for TF shoots are not showing or canceling at the last moment, we have been forced to ask for small deposit per day of shooting.) The check will be given back to you upon showing up for shoot.

* Model release is required, copy available upon request. Must be signed prior to shoot and includes all images taken unless discussed prior to day of shoot.

* Underage models will only be scheduled after photo session has been discussed with parents in detail. Parent's must initiate contact for planning of photo shoot. The majority of the time we do decide not to shoot underage models as TF work.

* If escort required to remain on site, must be female. Significant males may bring you to the location, meet my wife and I and inspect the studio, but would be expected to leave the premises after pre-shoot discussion. We require that models contact as many references as necessary for them to have the confidence and comfort level in working with us as you have chosen to work with us based on the images in our current portfolio. These images were obtained with models who have participated in this manner.

We reserve the right to cancel a shoot before even starting if someone brings a male escort who expects to stay inside after the shoot begins. Escorts remaining at shoot must not be a parent as every one of us seek our parent's approval on at least a subconscious level. To get the best images, you must be able to focus 100% on the camera, not distracted by someone waiting on you. The best images are obtained when a model does her due diligence in vetting the photographer and has developed a comfort level and a self confidence in her decision as it shows in the final image.

Please contact our references before discussing this policy with us.

*We do not shoot nudes unless requested by model and model must be over the age of 18 with proper age documentation.

* FREE TESTING (TF)* Shoots mean trade of the model's time and travel expenses. We do not cover ANY expenses as we assist with makeup, hair, and wardrobe. In addition, it typically requires 4-5 hours of time per hour of shoot editing and finishing of images. We do not pay models, as providing a free test shoot is offering a shoot at a significant discount from our regular fees. The only time models are paid is if one of our clients is paying us to do the shoot and has it in their budget to pay for the models and their expenses.


1.) A FREE test shoot (TF) shoot from which you will receive all raw, proof images on DVDs. LOCATION: Shelbyville, Tn.

2.) We provide at least 2 FREE fully edited/finished images per set(outfit) which typically means 8-10 or more fully edited images per day of shoot as we shoot typically 4-5 sets per day of shoot.

3.) These FREE images will be the best images from each set and will be based on your choices. Additional images may be purchased with the cost depending on the amount of work it takes to fully edit the images.

4.) For models who travel from out of state or from distances prohibiting our having a second shoot, we would consider a 2-3 day extended shoot.

5.) We provide makeup, hair, and wardrobe assistance.

6.) We are unable to help with traveling expenses due to the time spent during editing process and the money spent for accessories, makeup, etc. to help each shoot be distinctive

7.) We do have a means of converting this to a potential income producing shoot. This is introduced in our casting call but will be explained in more detail upon request or with our invitation to shoot with us.

* Only edited, finished images with our watermark may be printed or published online. If we finish a different image for our portfolios, you will also obtain a digital copy of this image or the series created. NOTE: As too many models schedule a shoot and after extensive correspondence, never show or cancel, a phone number must be provided and a phone conversation will be expected before scheduling the shoot. We do expect at least a 24 hour notice if unable to make shoot. None of this "I will be there in the morning at 10 am" and not show. This is showing total disrespect and this behavior will result in no additional shoots unless our standard shoot fee is paid.


I'm currently in Shelbyville and have no plans for travel.


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  • Nearest City #1: Shelbyville
  • Nearest City #2: Tullahoma, TN
  • Nearest City #3: Nashville, TN
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    Part-time Pro
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    Pro for 1-5 Years

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    Depends on City & Project

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    Yes - Jobs & Non-Jobs

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    Very Flexible on Pay


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Resume and references available upon request.